A Special Electronic Press Kit for Sweet Fighter

About us?

We are a group of 5 individuals from Beaumont, Texas attempting to exist thoroughly. Our music is made inside of our house, which we keep extremely clean. We would like to present to you our works so that you may enjoy them and book us for a live show (We are really good live). We're looking for shows around Texas to get to know more people and promote the release of our upcoming album, Escape from Beautiful Mountain, which is tracked entirely live in our living room and recorded on video (with cameras).

Escape From Beautiful Mountain

Below i've attached a sampling of our upcoming album, which includes two singles with two accompanying videos.

Strong John Fisher, 2023

Farm Route 6, Mile 75, 2023

We can, and will, put on a show

Sweet Fighter has been performing and writing together for almost 5 years now, and we have refined our live setup over the years. We learn from every show and make constant adjustments to how we sound. We have the ability to run our own sound if need be, and we've also adapted our system to accomodate a wide range of setups. Our most recent set is up to an hour and a half jam-packed with suspenseful transitions, dramatic monologues, and minimal malfunctions. WHY BOOK US?

Attached is a small sampling of live videos that we have collected over the years, including both original music and various covers.

Sweet Fighter LIVE Compilation

Listen to our music

As of this day, Sweet Fighter has released 11 singles and 1 album, with another album on the way, and another album after that. We will release music until the end of time. You can find it all here:

Listen with intensity.

Contact Us

We can be found almost anywhere.

Email: sweetfightertx@gmail.com

Phone: 409-365-7507 (Mason)


"Interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual upon art."
- Susan Sontag
ill be seeing you... book now!


I come into this day
confused and weeping.
A subjective being in a subjective world.
Out of the darkness, a light.
Out of the infinite, a pedestal,
with room for only one arbitrary truth
which reads thusly:
"Alas! Never exclaim I know not what to do,
for the only thing to do is to experience in as
much as one can, and God cannot."